Winter 2010 Poetry Tournament: Semifinals

Poets have until Wednesday (February 10) to submit their poems. Judges, you have until Sunday (February 14) to email your votes to me. Don’t post them here. Earlier than Sunday is fine too. Whenever I get all the votes in, I’ll post them all at once. Got it?

This round, each judge will rank the top 4 poems. Their first choice gets 4 points, the second gets 3 points, the third 2 points, the fourth 1 point, and the rest 0. The two finalists will be the two poets who have the highest combined score from all four judges. (ElzuWolfe 
is going to be the fourth judge.)

Gabriel, the only poet who has yet to lose a round, gets a 2 point bonus. Well done Gabe!

Okay! For this round, you’re going to write a Narrative poem. That is, a poem that has a plot, that tells a full story. And your main character must be 
someone else’s character from one of the previous poems in this tournament. 

It doesn’t have to be from the character development round, although that’s a good start. And it doesn’t have to be a character that they mention in third person or anything. The speaker of a poem counts as a character too.

I’m going to leave it up to you whether you make it perfectly clear who the character is, or leave it up to us to figure it out. (But, if the judges can’t tell which poem your character came from, then you probably just made most of the character up, without using the elements that the original poet gave you to work with.) But whatever, it’s your call. If you think cryptic is better, go cryptic.

Annnnd the 8 semifinalists are:

1. meliverde
2. Gabriel
3. Archi_Teuthis
4. Briony
5. olius_brightwell
6. TheRiverTalker
7. Lyre
8. Bill_Hartzia

No one's paired up this time! It's free-for-all.

The End

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