8. aryst0krat

Young boy, playing in the yard
Red fire truck and wide blue eyes
Papa comes out, old and hard
All grunts and groans and pains and sighs
Boy looks up, proud as you please
Papa sees his grass-stained knees 

Says, "Young boy, we worked real hard
To put those pants on you
Life ain't made for fun and games
You better grow up real quick"

Young boy, becomes a man
Puts all the fun behind him
He never strays from the plan
Cos Papa's real quick to remind him
'There's no time to laugh or play'
In his usual gruff ol' way

Says, "Young boy, you worked real hard
And you've come real far real fast
Life ain't made for fun and games
And don't you ever forget"

Young boy, gets a call
Papa isn't doing too well
Papa hears death's solemn call
He's an empty lifeless shell
But there's one last thing to say
Before he's passed away

Says, "Young boy, I worked real hard
But happiness always hid
Life is made for fun and games
Don't waste it like I did"

Young boy, sits and frowns
His dear old Papa is gone
Vows to turn his life around
He'll be no more withdrawn
Begins a nicer, sweeter life
Has his own son with his wife 

Says, "Young boy, I've worked real hard
I've played, been cursed, been blessed
But life is made for fun and games
So make your life the best."

The End

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