3. g2LaPianistaIrlandesa

Oliver Cross

He sits in the corner
away from the others,
not minding his solitude in the least.

Rather, he waits patiently
carefully and contently surveying the world
and her denizens,
hoping someone will stop by
to chat.

A solitary creature by nature,
but a very sociable gentleman as well
when the opportunity presents itself.

Gentle connosiour of conversation,
he offers a ready grin.
Some, put off by his size, his grandeur,
only shyly smile back.
They speak timidly,
as if fearful of his apparent power.

Any coversation is a joy to him
in his sage age,
but these, to him, feel flat.
How he wishes to be more dynamic
in these cases!
However, that would not be gentlemanly,
he figures.
It's only polite to match the tone set by the other.

How he rejoices when graced by confident company!
He grins per usual,
and his heart leaps when his smile's matched,
if not exceeded.
They begin with innocuous conversation,
discussing weather and so-forth,
but soon swell into passionate debate
over art, literature, politics, the state of man,
the meaning of it all.
Voices lower to exchange deepest secrets,
or erupt into a furious flurry.

This company's reluctant to go,
but he pays it no mind
for he's well acquainted to time's continuous march to oblivion.
Company thanks him, slipping back into life's busy river
with the hope of returning to discuss it.
He leans back in his corner,

- - - - -

The End

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