2. faith

The floor

Flies up to meet me

Looming black before my eyes

Upon acquaintance

I swim...

Through the darkness

Until my heart gives out,

Choking on water

That tastes of gray skies.


I fall

Behind the wall

The goddamnnnnn alcohol

It burns, it pours, it spills

Your memories all over me

Eating like acid,

So here I fill

All those widening holes

With little pills,

Maybe they trap me

Somewhere behind the stone

Still unhappy

Senses dulled but still alone.


Take a tiny breath

To forget.

I don't mind

Everything's fine

Although the blood

In my veins

Is finally at rest.

My mind still races

Still tries its best

To wake the dead,

To stir those faces

To bring me back

To the surface

Alive, awake, if cold with dread

If blinded by my nighttime sun

Blinking: blue-- vermillion


My hands are scared,

I feel them shake,

And if I cared,

I'd try to wake,

Try to recall

it all

behind the wall...

All the things

I should say,

I would do

If my mouth weren't made of glue...

Maybe bury

The fake ID

As the world explodes


Even if, even if

I try to clench these fists

Though they will not listen

Even if I do not flinch

As the floor

Flies up to meet me

Once again

The End

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