1. Briony

That withered lily lay cold in the sand,

Her sodden curls held taught within her hand

Her breast did heave once, and her soul did speak

As those dark eyes woke and did turn to seek

The death she hoped the ocean would soon bring

But life it seemed clung fast to this small thing.


Pure dread took hold fast of that bleakest heart,

She longed for her brown eyes to feel the dark

Her lover swam free in that unknown land

She wished to follow but fate stayed her hand

She pulled her naked body from the ground

And lay to face the azure sky unbound


Her golden featured love was poor but pure

And she a higher breed was thought of more

Her flaming passion and her hard resolve

Ignored her father’s wrath and did dissolve

Her teaming heart into a tempest storm

And felt the tremble of his moving form


Her mother pleaded but did so in vain

This headstrong child had made her choices plain

Each night she stole away from her nurse maid

And in a salty cave let worries fade

Her gleaming lips and dewy skin did shine

But often raven dreams did haunt her mind.


One night the clouds did block out all the stars

She crept down on the rocks her thoughts afar

And stumbled in the cave with mounting joy

To find the perfect head of her dear boy

Was hanging off a spike stuck in the sand

A note, ‘Your choice’ wrote in her father’s hand.


Before the grief could fully hit her heart

She threw her body in the darkest part

Of sea that she could find but o! did fail

Her clouding eyes for her did make a veil

She took a rock that lay nearby her shell

‘I come!’ She cried, ‘Or damn me straight to Hell!’






The End

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