7. Bill_Hartzia

Three Brave Knights

Three knights contested for a maiden's hand;
Proclaimed their tourney throughout the land,
Offered a purse surpassing grand --
If only the trio were willing to stand!

Sir George was lazy and couldn't ride,
Sir Adam was crazy and fat besides,
Sir Martin had warts and often lied.
All only ate food that had been deep-fried.

Three fat knights gathered on the field,
One should win and the others yield,
Two mounted up and Sir George kneeled;
He prayed his arteries hadn't congealed.

Sir Martin took Sir George's head,
Then he watched, pale-faced with dread,
As Sir George, not knowing that he was dead,
Killed Sir Adam while his neck still bled.

Sir Martin, victorious, bloodied and grim,
Approached the fair maid, who just stared at him.
He asked for her hand with a chivalrous grin,
So she cut off her arm and gave him the limb.

The End

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