12. The_Lemon_Yellow_Donkey

I was asked to make you laugh,
and I'll be honest,
I predicted some difficulties
in doing so.

Firstly, my head is bent
around this over-population problem.
As a result, I'm having issues
looking at faces without
envisaging a turtle
on a crucifix,
whilst your children
make castles in their sand.

Secondly, today is Sunday
and whether or not
you choose to believe this,
I'm sat ringside
as three-hundred child prodigies
and their Einstein fathers
cheer loudly at exactly
what Darwin had in mind:
Homo-erotic playfighting
The problem being;
they missed the part
where he requested
large doses of PCP
and automatic weapons.

I don't know whether or not
you are laughing now,
but I just did a little research
in to the American
legal system
and that did it
for me.

The End

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