11. aryst0krat

My Present

My friends got me a present, you know!
They wrapped it with a nice red bow!

Inside was the answer to my prayers!
Inside, beneath those bright red layers!
Inside I'd find the thing I need!
Inside, from evil I'd be freed!

With my new present, the places I'd go!
My precious present, in a pretty red bow!

The present was hidden in the town;
I had to search it up and down!
They sent me on four treasure hunts,
Those lousy good for nothing---


I found my present, I'll have you know!
I found it and its big red bow!

The bow is bright, and shiny and...
The bow is... sticky? And hey, my hand!
It's stuck, but I'll... they got my arm!
This bow is losing all its charm!

The present was a trap, how low!
The present with its glue-like bow.

The gift's inside, and though I'm loose,
I know by now there is no use.
Bureaucracies are not good friends.
I hope they meet with gruesome ends.

Keep my present, I'll just go!
Red tape is not a good red bow!

The End

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