14. Phoenix.Wolf


I dream of many things,
Of drooling kings,
fish bowls and dairy queens,
Nothing's really what it seems.

Of flying cats,
chasing big blue rats,
You think I'm crazy?
Well ask my dog daisy;

I'm as sane as you,
As the sky is green, the grass is blue.
I shall walk on my head,
Until I am dead.

You ask me how?
Well I'll say "Brown Cow!"
And then find you rather silly,
Because of my friend Billy,

Who's my uncle's Orangutan's dad.
Though I'll find it rather sad,
That you'll stand on my aunt,
While listening to my rant.

But alas I must go,
So I will say "Hello,"
But first for a little advice,
(From my mother's head lice;)

"If ever you dream,
of a honey bee queen,
Never call her a cat,
For fear she'll get very fat!"

The End

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