15. Mr.Autumn

What? I Get Nervous and Confused and Mix Up My Words Sometimes...

Maddy was pretty,
and Maddy was smart,
she liked cherry tarts
and the finest of art.

I would get all mixed up,
when she was around,
with eyes on the ground
I never made any sound.

See once I did try,
to write her some lines,
but they just didn't shine
though they did indeed rhyme.

They went: "Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
Won't you please let me
into your bed?"

Needless to say,
we no longer converse,
she must think me perverse
for my mispoken verse.

I just meant to ask
for an innocent date,
but now we'll ne'er go fete
and it's myself I berate.

The End

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