19. olius_brightwell

If I show you the world through my eyes,
There are several things you will realize,
Then you'll start wearing funky ties,
And attending cocktail parties in disguise,

But let me start with the basics of being me,
By standing on a fencepost while sipping tea,
For our first lesson we will climb a tree,
And throw pine cones at the strangers we see,

Next we snorkel in the fountain with a rubber ducky,
And dive for the coins that are most lucky,

For lesson two, the fun is only beginning,
This is where we march into the bank while singing,
What's more? We'll be covered in chocolate bling!

(We leave when chased because that is the game)
(Then we wear felt mustaches and change our names)
(To escape the doctors who own the word 'sane')

But if you want further fun, then follow me,
Because now we are moving on to lesson three,

This is where we get to drive down the street!
In a red wagon pushed by our feet!
Wearing bobsled helmets and strapped to our seats!
Flying a flag made from a polka-dotted sheet!

And holding branches from the neighbor's tree,
We will look like a bush that decided to flee,
And no one will know that it was you and me!

...In fact, your friends won't recognize you anymore,
But who cares? On to lesson four!

You play the robber and I'll be the cop,
You rob the bank and I'll yell STOP!

You run, I'll let you get away,
No one will know that it was just a play,
We'll both be gone the very next day,
Looking for a new place to stay,
I like the sound of...Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The End

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