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C'est pourquoi je n'aime pas l'humeur de l'homme américain.

Jean-Guy Oiseau

I am comedian, celebre Jean Guy,
ze funniest man a la France
my talent for ze comedy
is not because of le chance

I tell ze jokes, most happily
of Bernard forgetting ze flour
and how, quel Surprise! his bread went flat, 
and voila, oh Ze french laugh for an hour

Mais, C'est domage, the American man,
they do not laugh at my wisecracks
not even ma favori, when Madam Luanne,
put her seat down on ze tack

My agent Harry, oui, he did explain me
some jokes à travers la mer
Sacred bleu! C'est pas le mieux!
Jean Guy seen no humeur là

Like dese three guys, were condemned to die,
in front of ze firing squad...
"tornade!", "tornade!", imbecile dit..uh..Fire?
He'd be alive if he had yelled ze petard!

Ze scary man, too, il m'a confondu
with little girl in ze woods overgrown
"Monsieur, I'm scared" "Oh, I'm scared too!"
parce que "I have to walk back alone?"

Harry asked me then, of ze french boys
how to separate these from ze men?
Crowbar? c'est un type de moise!
Non, Chest hair, C'est une réponse with raison.

Pardonnez-moi, my American friends
S'il te plait, keep your jokes over there
None of them, toujours make no sense
not like Henri, he fell on Pierre.






The End

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