2. meliverde

back when I was just a girl,
when we all thought
the whole wide world
would soon be blown
to smithereens
and Luther King
was having dreams,

I had a little tryst
with a rugged communist

Now it wasn’t Soviethical
that we were Russian into it.
But how could I resist?
those red and daring lips.
that spoke to me
of bourgeoise
and ruled me
with an iron fist.

And so, I said, “let’s run away.
You know it’s Mao or never!”
And he was kind of Stalin’

then composed his words together:
“I swore I’d never live my life
where anything was privatized
and I would rather have my love
rationed out to everyone.”

"Ugh!" I said, “this Marx the end!”
I wasn’t Lenin anyone
Che they’d share my love with him.
Comrades make the worst of friends.

The End

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