Round 4

Welcome to Round 4: Character Development. Your goal is to impress the judges with your portrayal of a character. You can do this in so many different ways, it would be silly for me to start suggesting examples. (But of course if you want clarification, do ask.) Do any style, genre, rhythm, setting, etc. that you want. You can shoot for a "thorough" development of your character, or more of a brief insight into their world, whatever you think it takes to portray them to the judges in an interesting way. It can be a narrative, it can be a sonnet, it can be anything that works. Make sense?

I chose this because character development seems to be even harder to find in poetry than comedy is. Poetry is frequently abstract, and the goal is usually to get a point or a feeling across, or to tell a story, but rarely just to put an interesting character in the reader's head. So that's what you get to do! As always, have fun with it!

The End

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