Round 3

* Please do not rate anything in this tournament. *

The challenge for Round 3 is a revisit to one of the challenges we had in the first tournament: Comic Verse! I feel that it deserves a revisit, because A) last time there was some prose mixed in with the poetry, and there were only a few participants anyway, B) laughing is my favorite thing ever, and who can get enough of that? and C) I think it's a hell of a challenge to write something funny, especially when you're under pressure. So, to clear up any doubts: It must be humorous poetry, not prose.

This can be a pretty subjective round, because your task is to make the judges laugh, and everyone has a different sense of humor. So um... Good luck with that! HA! My advice: know your judges. Stalk them if you have to. ;)

Deadlines are the same as with previous rounds. Your poem needs to be in by Sunday at 12:00 noon, Central Standard Time. 
At that time, judges can start commenting, and aim for having all their comments in by Wednesday at 12:00 noon, CST. Then they post their votes.

The End

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