Winter 2010 Poetry Tournament: Round 2

*Please do not rate anything in this tournament.*


Round Two: 7 Lines

Your challenge for round two is to write the best 7-line poem you can. That’s the only guideline! Content and form are wide open for this round, so I suggest you play to your own strengths. 7 lines. No more, no less. A line can not wrap-around, so whatever looks like one line on the screen, counts as 1 line. Think very carefully about each line, because you only have 7 of them.

Good luck!

Deadlines are the same as round one. Your poem needs to be in by Sunday at 12:00 noon, Central Standard Time. 
At that time, judges can start commenting, and aim for having all their comments in by Wednesday at 12:00 noon, CST. Then they post their votes, just like round 1. Got it?

The End

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