Poet 26: Archi_Teuthis


The heavy, heaving weight of water
Skuttled assemblies of life wired with blue veins
And tremulously electrified:
Life with closed eyes.
The clouds of life were sheared
In the gapes of maw and entitled tongues.
The shifting, in darkness, realized
An Eden without light.

Blind life sliced,
In the jaws of rotors.
The iron-backed eel
And shrieked white
Into the ink.

The gears chattered and clacked
Like a prattling skull, concurring
With the arthritic rivets
Of the eel’s ribs.
And the sway
And the surge
Expelled by choppy lungs
Quaked the sleep
Of a titan.

With grave flails,
The eel cringed 
Under the blisters of eyelets
Trailing shatters
Into its belly.

It bled bubblets that snarled with air
And sung requiem in screams of iron.
Nemo blossomed in the ink
As his life crumpled in.

As the skeletal eel
Was drunk by Hades’ smile
The Kraken cradled itself
On tendrils stronger for scars
And life flourished in the Eden
Without man’s light.

The End

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