Poet 22: SomebodysAngel

You always knew you'd fall in love

with a stranger,

Still when she stole your breath

from far across that room, We saw you falter,

And still when both

with quickened hearts you stumbled

to each other, Fate

forgot to claim you,

And all she left were traces

on too swiftly parted fingers,

A trace of love, But not enough

to stir the air around you,

Before romance began to paint your lives

to the same canvas, You were lost to time

and watching

for the arrows Cupid now refused to use,

You looked upon each other, No longer

destiny, Just strangers,

And saw nought but crimes of passion, Judged

by blind and selfish juries,

And she left you

emerald eyed and hollow hearted,

And in your senseless hate

for pretty words, You took the muse

and drowned her,

So you would never hear again

the perfect poetry she fed through other's lips,

You were lost to passion's fury

as it swept away your stone facade,

The irony of love's first sight was lost

on all but you

the lonely poet,

In her glimpse into your troubled eyes

she saw the ink that runs beneath

your paper skin,

And it doesn't take a precious mind to know,

What it insinuates when you leave

so much still unsaid,

But neither her nor I are brave

enough to tell you how screwed up it is,

When you would rather watch her suffer,

Than throw another smile his way.


The End

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