Poet 20: smac972

(dedicated to the person who loved to say, "That's ok, Trev, just another item in a long list of disappointments."  I still laugh when I think of that line, and I use it too!  OK..)

Trish Maguire

Once, whilst in County Clare
my eyes did dare, I saw her there;
sparking eyes, a dazzling flare
against the sun were shining.

When then she peeked askance
I saw the glance,did take my chance.
"Amen" prayed I, to plead romance 
on that brilliant morning.

Like your lips, so red rosy,
I'd say for thee, a bright posy 
and beg that she take them for me 
when I came a callin’.

Gather round, me fellows, ‘o,
down to McFinns, we’ll go, we’ll go 
and raise your glasses higher, ho!
when I marry Trish Maguire.

Woes betold, I exclaimed,
could not refrain. I called her name;
"Trish, my darling, set me aflame,"
and saw her face a-scorning.

Bran Malone had proposed:
he did disclose that I imposed.
He punched me smart, right on the nose.
And now I do avoid her. 

Gather round me fellows ‘o, 
Down to McFinns, we’ll go, we’ll go. 
We'll dance with lasses to and fro,
with bitter hops aplenty.


 Oh, but the truth be told,
love is fool's gold, till I grow old.
When God made her, He broke the mold;
She's worth a lifetime dreamin.


The End

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