Poet 13: TheRiverTalker

A Prairie Rain

in the searing sun,
the slow and sizzling summer sun,
we strolled lazily, oh, so aimlessly,
a weakened wander through heavy heat,
down the dusty road that goes on and on
over the  miles and miles of grassy plains,
a prairie in search of hills that never come,
endlessly, stretching endlessly,
but still we walk, step by step,
from where we were to where we have always been,
step by step by step,
followed relentlessly,
by the searing sun, the slow and sizzling summer sun.

but there was a time, a most rare and glorious time,
in the summertime,
much like this time,
when across the plain, a misty veil appeared,
a wispy wall of falling sky,
approaching nearer, nearer, nearer,
mile by mile by ever closer mile,
a freshening in the air,
a rising wind,
a stirring of the stifling air,
closer, closer, ever closer,
oh, so near,
a drop of water,
one drop more,
then more and more and more,
dancing splashes, showering grace, then drenching rain,
washing, pouring, flooding, thundering tempest, torrential tide,
on and on, more and more, a cannonade of storming fury,
“Hold on, endure, ride it out!”

...then eventually,the fury begins to fade

lessening, slowing, a few farewell drops until there were no more,

going on,

leaving us behind ...

to dry in the summer sun.
in the slow and sizzling summer sun,
as we stroll lazily, oh, so aimlessly,
across the prairie that goes on and on and on,


The End

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