Poet 1: Mr.Autumn

The Tide

ourselves in
the sand when we
were young as though
we didn't both know
that our life together
rested beneath the tideline
and that with just a little more
time the water would come to lap
at our feet, our legs, our hands, our arms, 
and our mouths, until all the air to breath
was gone-- Love, our hourglass is emptied and
I can feel the rushing waves caress my body
and they say that this is our last moment and that we
have to enjoy it the way that children love life itself!
For the water ever drowning visits closer and
the though water ever suffocating will retreat
again one day as it always must, this
is not our beach to build a castle;
this is not out sand to bury
a joint treasure. No, instead
we are meant to travel
far for forests or
snow-caps, something

The End

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