Winter 2010 Poetry Tournament: Round 1

Round One challenge: Relevant Rhythm

Round 1 Challenge: Relevant Rhythm

Your challenge for round 1 is to focus on making the rhythm appropriate to the subject or mood of your poem. The topic can be anything you want. The rhythm can be constant, or it can change throughout the poem. It can be fast, slow, jumpy, swingy, simple, intricate, etc. Make the rhythm good, and make it relevant to what the poem is saying.

To clarify, here's a simple example: a poem about your breakup could be slow and droning at first, because you feel hurt. Then at some point it could change, becoming light-hearted and springy as you realize that you’re suddenly free, now that this person is out of your life. Got the idea?

Your poems are due by Sunday, January 10, at 12:00 noon CST.

No editing your poem after it's been posted. 

UPDATE: Round One is over! The winners are starred in the Author Guidance ----------->

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