I was Lunatik in the Gracious Days
With a painted face and eyes that dreamed
Of a thousand things and myriad ways
That would hide the truth.  Only what seemed
Could be brought to the court, for pretty lies
Were all I wanted set before my eyes.

So many monsters with glittering eyes
Who I empowered in my reign some days
That was inundated with their lies
Like water from where my brother dreamed:
A sceptred isle where he always seemed
To dodge my Machiavellian ways.

I sought to master long forgotten ways
To bring what's hidden in front of my eyes
I dismiss'd my court;  it only seemed
They distracted me.  I spent fleeting days
Experimenting with things he dreamed
To wrap around them with my web of lies.

At last I found an ancient path that lies
Beneath the sea, known to those who have ways
Of breathing more than air.  Now I dreamed
My brother would see my glittering eyes
Bend his knee, bow his head and end his days
A servant at my court.  Though it seemed

Victory was sure, it also seemed
That my beautiful court, so full of lies
Wanted to number my remaining days;
My end was sought in many loathsome ways
Glitter and lustre abandon'd my eyes
I wept black tears for those things I dreamed.

I left to walk hidden paths, I dreamed
I might return one day though it seemed
Unlikely.  My brother came; in his eyes
Were the refutations of all my lies.
He put an end to my deceitful ways
And gave me somewhere to live out my days.

I was Lunatik in the Gracious Days
It seemed I dreamed a thousand ways
To tell pretty lies with glittering eyes.

The End

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