I swallowed the days in gulps of language
I couldn't digest. The words
Shaped like snakes of ink
Tempting me with knowledge. I
Couldn't understand why
The words refused my eyes.

My eyes
Who winced at language.
[Traitors] Why
Couldn't they read the words
Now! Now! I
Reviled the cryptic ink.

Pages spread like Rorschach ink,
My eyes
Mirrored like I
Thought to see through the glass of language.
Thought to see through the opalescent words
To see why.

Should [poisonous] ink
Flourish words
Our ignorant eyes
Craved to eat? Why should language
Crave me?

Marveling, I
Wondered why
My eyes
With words.

But not the words
I required. I
Starved my eyes
With "See Sally Run", with cows and fiddles and wondered why
My teacher's eyes [like ink!]
Were stained with language.

Language would come later, I
Learned the why of words
As my eyes filled with ink.

The End

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