This is the first of a series of four poems called "The Seasons"

So cold and lifeless,

that nothing can grow.

Yet, Evergreen Soldiers

stand tall, hiding small creatures.

Sleep seems to describe

this season.

So cold and barren,

that nothing grows.

Snow falls everywhere,

coating the world

in a blanket of white powder.

No music seems to flow

in this season.

But if you listen carefully,

you can hear the soft

singing wind, that

flows through the

Evergreen Soldiers.

Stand tall men!

As Darkness settles

on the land.

No Sun can be seen,

nor any Moon can shine.

Creatures scurry

to the Winter Sentinels.

Cold cuts to the bone,

squeezing all warmth

from our bodies.

And Death settles upon the

land, the land that

awaits the Living Spring.

And Spring shall come

with the rising Sun.

But for now,

Cold Darkness rules this land

of Avalon, where sleep

has settle.

The End

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