Tale of the Templars (SpookofNight)

Tale of the Templars


In ages gone by
Beneath pale foreign skies
Devout Christian pilgrims
Came travelling.

They sought absolution
Or a divine solution,
As their kingdoms back home
Were unravelling.

But their way was haunted
And their treasures were wanted
By the saracen king

His brigands would attack,
With a bow, sword or axe,
Then vanish, as if they’d
Never been there.

Now the Christian kings knew
That this just wouldn’t do.
They needed to safeguard
Their empire.

So an order was formed
And a legend was born.
They went by the name of
“Knights Templar”.

For decades and years
Heathens died on their spears.
And the age of the Templars
Was golden.

Never short of recruits,
Minstrels sang on their lutes
How their charges were a sight
To beholden.

But when Acre was burned
The tables were turned
And the Templars they fell
Out of favour.

With the Holy Land lost
At a terrible cost.
Now the Order had something
To pay for.

They had failed in their cause
And betrayed the old laws,
Now the time had come for

The Templars were tried,
Then were tortured and died
At the hands of the Spanish

In ages gone by
Beneath pale foreign skies
Brave Christians crossed over
The border.

The old roads were the same
But they echoed the name
Of their one time guardians:
“Knights Templar.”

The End

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