Katie Wilson (Eloosive)


Our city streets were breathing fog
The night that Katie Wilson died;
It brought with it unsettling sounds
That sent wise souls inside to hide.

But that lovely little lady -
Hair of sunlight, eyes from the sea -
Feared not what lurked in the shadows,
Strolling home from the club at three.

Foolishly she cut through the park,
Where a man attacked from the trees;
She click-clacked as she ran away -
High-heeled fingers on concrete keys.

Sadly she was caught all too soon
And her pursuer threw her down;
A knife sliced through both fog and skin,
Though neither victim made a sound.

When word spread of her grisly end
There was a tear in ev’ry eye;
They never did find her body -
Only I know the reason why.

Once the twitching finally stopped,
I brought sweet Katie home with me;
Now she shares my bed ev’ry night,
And so it shall forever be.

The End

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