Marching soldiers, left right, left right,
Drum beats time their footfalls,
Thunder caused by their feet strike fear
Into the hearts of all.

The lightning makes their weapons gleam,
Blood thirst on their faces,
Expressions of experience

Wars of many places.

The invincible warriors,
Immortal, unbeatable.
They have only one fatal flaw:
They follow the evil.

The only way to defeat them
Is with their enemies:
The army of light, the good ones,
Their determination, can they beat?

Who will win the battle between,
The darkness, and the light?
Who will survive once the battle rings
For, only one can live.

Who will it be?

The battle starts,
The cries ring clear,
And in the end,
There's only one we hear.

But who?
Who wins?

Does evil reign, or does good win?
Two forces, their destiny.
To intertwine, then kill the rest,
Who's fate is sealed forever?


The End

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