Level 10

Group 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQILvRxj7rs

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(musical intro)

Good Sir Bramwell, high he held his head,
Dressed in a monochrome blob of green,
16-bit cobblestones he’d tread,
Brave, bold, and blurred,
Riding on a steed.

For held high in the highest tower
Was a pretty maid, so fair!
O, Annabelle!
Sweet as the sweetest flower
And with such yellow hair!
Annabelle! And so,

Bramwell, with his might and mind,
Braved levels 1 through 9, and then--
Minstrel ever trailing on behind, he
Reached the castle walls,
Deep in level 10.
And so now, to rescue maiden fair, he
Entered a pixelated courtyard scene--
Tents with flags cheering in the air,
And the greatest castle doors 
he had ever seen.
And he rode right through!
And orc, after orc, all attacked, 
but he swung his heavy sword, and it
went right through!
And orc after orc, kept a’coming,
but he killed the whole horde, and he 
left them
Strewn about the dungeon floor, and
Raced through a tunnel and a flight of stairs,
Blocked at the top by an archway door, with
Iron bars, and little
Gray and black squares.
But Sir Bramwell, not a fool was he!
One sharp look around the chamber there,
Took just seconds and he found the key,
Hidden underneath 
The one and only chair.

So he went right through!

The bars disappeared, and the Boss 
was a dragon, but he saw it, and he 
stabbed right through!
It roared, and it roared, blew some fire,
but he stabbed once more, and he 
heard it
Strike the floor with a clipping thud.
Three different shades of green, plus red,
Left there twitching in a pool of blood, as
Bramwell sped along 
The corridor ahead.
Through the castle at his fastest speed,
Up many stairs, he was not afraid.
Soon Lady Annabelle would be freed!
He, and he alone, 
would rescue pretty maid.
For held high in the highest tower 
was the pretty maid, so fair!
O, Annabelle!
Sweet as the sweetest flower,
And with such yellow hair!
O! Good Sir
Bramwell proudly crossed the line,
Burst through the doors of a room so grand!
16 bits never looked so fine,
and she smiled when
He offered her his hand.


The End

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