Windy Ambiguity


Some times you are crawling,

in my mind,still a child,

Never forgiving quick to blame,

screaming without shame,

I wish you could see,

lifeless it makes me,

I am already broken,

Dont try to fix me,

just mend me,

with a couple of words of kindness,

a couple of kisses with love,

not with your spit,

not with your vile words,

I can only guess what your thinking,

I never know,

thats why im scared to death,

its not a show,

I want you back,

our happy litte storm cloud,

Even as your mad you still make me proud,

I am proud to be your confidant,

i am elated to be with you,

tell me which way the wind blows,

and true i will stay to you.

The End

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