Winds of Change

A soul in melancholy

Winds of change…

 I stand in the shadows,

Embracing the darkness,

Watching as time flows,

My heart filled with loneliness…

 It is a feeling,

That cannot be described,

Not with meager words,

Or with useless tears…

 My heart seeks warmth,

As I feel cold,

Making this pain,

Even more real…

 Standing alone,

I am empty,

My soul,

A shallow entity…

 Where there was once light,

There is now a void,

Where there was once hope,

There is now a loss…

 All in what I feel,

Questions remain,

Leaving me in doubt,

With what to deal…

 I wish to dream,

To shun this reality,

My life is an illusion,

A peculiar dichotomy…

 I have lost my ground,

In what I believed,

My faith shaken,

In a lie of an existence, I conceived…

 There is nowhere to go,

Nowhere to retreat,

Having lost my direction,

I have also lost sight of who I want to be…

 I never thought,

This day would come,

When my heart would give me away,

Leading me astray…

 With no choice,

I embrace my inner darkness,

Knowing it may be,

The only chance to be complete… 

 And as I do so,

I can’t help,

But give one final smile,

Admitting my defeat to the world around me…

 There is nothing more,

Left to say,

In the wake of this chaos,

My soul drifts away…

 As I think my last thoughts,

Feel an endless void,

Live a fruitless life,

And now die a mortal being…

 Winds of change,

That swept me by,

I have nothing to say to you,

But good-bye…



The End

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