Willingly Indentured to You

The feeling that I have to give my everything, just to get a little bit of something. Love has made me a slave it seems......

I ask just for your acceptance-

begging,humbling myself to my knees,

I beg you accept me, please.

I cower in your indifference,

cry out in shame as you ignore my existence-

Accept me, please.

My meager courage bows downs to your exuberant bravery,

It shocks me, and into silence it berates me.

The amazement in your shadow is overwhelming,

I can barely breathe in your presence.

Accept me, accept my feeble love.

I offer all  I have,

I beg of you, please,

pull me from my knees, don't strike me down-

Pull me into the safehouse of your arms

and accept me as I am,for I am yours.

The End

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