Well we already have a dating site for those > 50. But why stop there? Why not for people approaching 80, 100 or even further. Have no fear for "WhyNotOurTime.com" is here.

Honest Reviews:

Cynthia Adele - Age 92 -

"Its so difficult to find Gentleman my age wanting a romantic relationship.  Its hard to even find a man who won't fall asleep or collapse after taking those long moon-lit walks. This site allows old hags - ahem, elderly woman to find love. Try it!!"

Roy Richards - Age 95

"My first time on the site, and I was assailed by several woman requiring assistance - ahem, euphemism for flirting. Sure it took me several hours just to make it to the date - but it was worth it. I had to be wheeled to the ER after meeting her."


 What about WhynotOurTime.com?
For those approaching a hundred
Should they be destined to live alone
and not find a soul that's  kindred

Why should we be confined to homes?
and there abandoned to die
I too want to search for love
If I could get online and try

Looking at those convincing ads
of octogenarians finding cupid
Would this be a good investment
and not be outrageously stupid?

So what are we waiting for old-timers?
Smile and wipe away your tears
Learn to type www.WhyNotOurTime.com
before your end is near!

The End

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