Why We Fight?

A poen writtain aboout war (The fight).

“Can you tell me sir, about why we fight this war?”

“We fight for all the people that we’ve never seen before

We fight for bits of land and many barren plain

We fight for all our family that we’ll never see again

We fight for all the rich men, we fight against the poor

We fight and fight and fight until we cannot fight no more”


“But sir don’t they tell us that all this fight is good?

They tell us and they tell us to join the fight, we should!”

“You’re wrong my boy this isn’t true coz all the fight is bad

It caters for the rich and makes all the poor men sad

The governors and senators they sit upon the chair

They tell us that it's right and the enemy aren’t fair

But don’t you see my boy their words are filled with spite

Coz they sit upon the chair and never see the fight


They’ve never seen a man, who is crying out in pain

Seen his eyes when he finds out he’ll never go home again

They’ve never heard the tears and all the mourning cries

And they’ve never felt the mans life go when finally he dies!”

“But isn’t all the fighting where all the glory lies?”

No my boy you are wrong, this war is man’s demise!”

The End

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