why try?Mature

the gift of failure

You grow up learning to try, try and try again.

As long as you try, even if you fail, at least you tried.

As if trying is something to be glorified.

Well I apologize if I sound undignified but I will not be pacified when I define the words “try” “trying”, and “tried”

Because they lied.

Trying finds you spiraling down the proverbial rabbit hole

Only to find yourself feeling empty and depreciated.

Nothing more deviated from the truth, a spoof, figmant of ones own imagination

Pardon me for being uncouth, but fuck trying.

I tried the trying thing; I tried trying when trying wasn’t an option.

Found myself unfull, filling this void with poison which became my adoption

Trying nearly led me to tying neck to noose

trying to loosen my grip on reality.

Fuck trying.

I tried trying to bibilical proportions.

“All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

No offence Lord, but them only care about themselves

Leaving the rest of us to be forgotten and shelved.

I tried being me, but society only wants me to try to be someone else

So me would rather be by my fucking self.

Because me trying to be anything but me

forces me to be Muzzled

Forced to delve deeper in to depression

 over this obsession of fucking trying to please everyone but me.

So I, will no longer try.

I am tired of being tested and tried, attested to what I am not and lied too.

You don’t want me to try anymore to tell you the truth.

Cause the truth is I didn’t try being born and I for damn sure won’t die trying

The End

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