Why she criesMature

This is about a girl that cries a lot and is always having a bad day, and nobody understood why. on top of it she was judged for it..

Why does she cry?

All the pain and the lies

Sits in her heart

And all you have to do is look into her eyes

To see she’s dying inside


But she stands strong

Because she doesn’t want to be seen as weak

She’s learned you can only be strong for so long


Others don’t understand why she always has a bad day

But if you only knew the stuff she was put through

This girl has a lot to say

She saw the worst in people

And was broken many times

Her memories will never go away.

That will always be apart of her


When People look at her

They see sad, mad, weird. But if only they knew

The hell she was put through

Then maybe they would understand

Why she cries in the middle of the night

The End

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