Why, Oh, Why...?

this was a piece I wrote not to long ago for awareness of wolf massacre in Alaska using aerial hunting. Being a lover of wolves, this really affected me and the tapes are really shocking if you even have the grit to watch them. They shoot but the shot doesn't kill straight away. The pain can last for hours before the wolf is dead and even if they can't shoot the wolf from the aircraft, they will exhaust the wolf near to death and shoot it on the ground at their feet.

I don't tie myself to tr

Why, oh, why do you kill me 
While I sing my song?
Why, oh, why do you kill me? 
my tears are growing strong... 

Now I walk alone, 
My soul withered and torn, 
My heart broken 
My family gone

Why, oh, why do kill us? 
What have we done wrong? 
All that we ever do is 
Sing our moon-lit song...

The End

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