Why Is It So Hard To Breathe?

Why is it so hard to breathe?
Like something's clawing at my throat
Scratching, tearing,
Not stopping.
The air isn't reaching my lungs
Drowning in nothing and everything
Suffocating, strangling,
Becoming dizzy.
My windpipe is restricted
And it hurts so addictively
My very own pain;
Piercing, burning,
Not for others.
No oxygen is reaching my blood
On a high from a low
White, black,
Black, white,
Spinning like a choice.
I feel it in my limbs
I don't want to try and breathe
Deeper, drowning
In my everything.
Clawing for life hurts too much
There's no need for struggle
Harder, tougher,
Fragrant breaths.
Why is it so hard to breathe?
I just cannot do it all
Giving in, giving up
Because it's easier.

The End

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