Why in the World

when did the world decide that i am no longer a human being when im not white like the shiny teeth of the corporate manager that sells you pills that promise you "15 lbs in only 2 weeks!"
lost like the self confidence that was stolen from you way before you realized it was gone.
when did the world decide that who i love changes my meaning, my significance because if only god knew what kind of love i produced and what kind of hate you induced, I'm sure he wouldnt mind.
and when did i decide that the world was right and that I was wrong for having a soul that others didnt like
when did i decide to listen to the world when they told me, everything that is me, isn't alright.
when did i decide to hide under my covers at night, blinded by fright because I just wanted to be "right"
and when do i decide that these humans, these shells, are not unlike me, not unlike you?
because everyone has flaws.
the cuts on your arms to the pills you take when something in your heart rips apart and tells you its time to cry.
were all the same.
bones and organs and brains that separate us in just the smallest ways.
why do we separate ourselves to feel better about ourselves in a world where we cant escape our shells?
so we take drugs to calm the nerves,
booze to smooth the curves
and lose ourselves in words that the corporate manager with the shiny white teeth and false promises couldn't manage to keep, gave to you.

you are unique

dont let the words people speak
make you weak.

The End

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