Why I do like the Rain.

I thought I shared your sentiments,
Held your hate of the damp and dreary.

So I left.

I packed up my raincoat, poncho and boots,
Left them in boxes in my parent’s basement.
Stuffed shirt and shorts in suitcases and flew
to a desert: sunshine day in and out.

I missed it.

I missed the pitter patter on my roof,
Missed my reflection on the sidewalk,
Missed the damp air, alive in my lungs,
Missed the thunder and lightning that was its herald.

So I went back.

I unpacked my raincoat, poncho and boots,
Put away the shirts and shorts,
Stowed the suitcase away in my parent’s basement,

and left.

Outside I ran, romped through the rain.
Two booted feet first into puddles,
Mighty splashes radiating outward.

I danced as it drizzled,
Pranced as it poured,
And cheered while the thunder clapped.

I was saturated.

Water in my hair, turning it almost black,
Water in my boots, slurping at my feet as I walked,
Water in my hands, clear pearls reflecting my visage,
and water in my eyes, though the clouds didn’t put that there.

The End

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