Why Does A Writer Write?

A writer does not write
Because they want to write
But because they must.
Because they cannot live without it.
Because they can do nothing else.
Because every second without writing...
Is a second they will never get back.

A writer writes
Because they never lived
The lives they could have lived,
And so they live them again
Through their characters.

Why does a writer write?
Because it is the only way
To make the voices shut up.
Just five minutes peace.
A thousands words for just that -
Five minutes peace from the voices.
And then they'll be back.
Because the writer killed them off.

A writer will write at any time
But sometimes, they will have no words
Save the questions in their brain,
The words whirling around and around.
They are not words you can write.
They are not questions to answer.

Why does a writer write?
Not because they want to,
Or because their family told them to,
But because they can do nothing else.

The End

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