Why do we Fight When We're All the Same

The horse races down the track

Vision is turning pitch black

It's a symbol of vitality

And an emblem of brutality

To race down the lonely road

And endure such a cruel mode


This state of pure concentration

Marked by love deprivation

It searches for the finish line

But we all lose, I opine

The tracks can't be covered up

Sweat can fill a drinking cup


The track is the veins of an arm

The horse is the blood from harm

Loneliness, markings, we're all the same

The ones we love and those we blame

If we look past our differences

Then we can fight these hindrances


If the life of us is like that of a horse

Then can't you see we're on the same course

We race down lonely roads

And endure such cruel modes

But why?

The End

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