Why do I write?

I write to try to find myself; I write

because, sometimes, I

don't know who I am. I write

to express my thoughts

and feelings because they

are what define me.


I write to flee an awful world - I drown

myself in fantasy.

When overbearing problems rise

from blackly churning seas, I hide

behind a rock that I

have hewn from chasmal caves.


I write to live a pretty dream. Asleep

I lie on clouds and act;

I watch and feel the way

they live - my characters;

each time I taste

their love and pain as if it were my own.  


I write to show the world I see,

to paint a scene:

the paint's my mind;

each line of art and verse

portrays Interpretation

or awe produced by Nature.

I contemplate; occasionally

my writing serves to question things;

I speculate,

from time to time consider

Fate, and thoughtful pieces

I create.


I write for pleasure:

in putting perfect words together,

in finding a description,

in using skills with confidence

and exploring a diverse language.


But most of all, I write to share.

I seek out those with

similar minds,

similar interests,

similar views;

I hope I'll find my place one day.


I write to send a message out

to any who will listen.

The End

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