Why Do I Love You

The Proposal

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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Why Do I Love You (The Proposal)

©1991 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 1, pg 7)


Why do I love you

Let me show you the way

Why you’re so important to me

And I love you more each day

You can always make me happy

When I’m feeling down or blue

You somehow bring a smile to my face

That’s something you could always do


You make me feel alive

And don’t think just of yourself

You make me feel important

And good about myself

You accept me for who I am

You listen to what I say

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me

And you understand my ways


You know what I like and do it for me

You give me the space I need to grow

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me

And that’s hard to find, I know

You think about our future

And don’t dwell upon the past

And these are but a few reasons

Why my love for you will last


So maybe now you’ll know

What it is that you do

To my head, heart, and soul

And why I do love you...


"Will you marry me?"

(she said yes)

The End

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