Why did you go?

My heart is breaking,

Your soul is awakening,

My heart is shattered,

You’re somewhere I can’t bring you back,

The pieces are lost forever,

A place only you will find them.


Drums are beating,

Faster, faster,

The drums of a lost soul,

There is no rhythm but the message is clear,

‘Do not hold on, let go!’


Whirlwinds of colour consume me,

My conscious being, a wisp in the wind,

Darkness indulges me,

But wait! A light!

A glimmer in the horizon,

The light glides forward,

But no, I am drifting away,

The light fades,

Lost in the recesses of nothingness.


All hope is gone now,

I am lost, like the winds, wondering mindlessly,

Without purpose or cause,

Floating on a bed of trepidation,

Slowly deteriorating into the abyss of ice coldness.


The drums so fast now

They are like a hum,

Methodical, and constant,

But still mournful,

Like a repetitive stab at your very soul.

This is but the soul, the pain endless,

For all eternity.


This feeling of loneliness,

It is unbearable,

The feeling of helplessness,

It is murderous.

This feeling of depression,

It is overwhelming. I miss you!

The End

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