Why Did He Take Him Away

This poem was wrote at a time that I lost my husband. Always in my Heart, Forever in my Soul, Love N Miss U Nub <3

What did I do to have him take yo

u away from me?

How could I let this happen to we?I

miss you so, so very much, my

Heartaches everyday and feels it's

going to burst.

What should have I done to try to keep you

with me?

What thing's did I not say? 

Is this why he took You away?

My Love for you is so very strong, how

could I possiably go on?

Thing's were goin so right for us, but now I

carry alone all the thing's that I must.

Our Dream's our Hopes torn down once more,

My Love, My Life carried right

out the door.

I know I will ( Hopefully ) see you again on the

day they call Judgement Day.

To see you and hold you in my arms once more,

to touch your soft face as I did before.

My heartaches with all that it know's and

missing you is such a blow.

My Love for you will never die, the birds

carry it up into the sky.

For you my Love, the one and true, to hold

Forever until I get to be with You.


"Nub Always on my Mind, Forever in my Soul"


The End

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