Why can’t you hear me?

This poem I wrote in math class in third grade. As you can tell, I really hated math that year. =) however, quite contradictory, this poem is about growing up, and maturing mentally. Enjoy! :P

Why can’t you hear me?

I’m calling to you,

Calling into the darkness.

I've entered the the darkness now,

I'm slipping away from the light.

And very soon it will get darker

Much darker, darker than it is.

I’m not calling any more, I’m

Screaming, screaming at the top of

My lungs, my lungs burn, I’m screaming

Behind me, into the light.  Screaming,

Asking it to take me back into its

Innocent, loving, sheltering arms.  But it does

Not hear me, it will not hear me, it

Does not want to hear me,

My hand stretches out to it

But I cannot touch it.  I have been

Revealed to the darkness in the world.

I can never go back, this time, the

Light will not save me,

Because childhood

Is slipping away.

The End

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