Why are you happy?Mature

Being a happy optimistic is hard these days and even harder when you have people making you feel bad for being happy. Oh what a cruel world! Anyway just something I wrote because there is nothing I hate more than hearing "Why are you always so happy," and when I say "I just like seeing things in a different light." or "because I love to see people smile." I'm always lying. It's baffling to me...also the way I wrote it was like a rap/song/switzerland yodel/lyric I suppose...just saying. Hope y

People ask me why I smile so much, and always being happy ain't an answer

People, so pessimistic, that an optimistic, must be sick

With insecurities and repressive sincerity that they break their jaw with so much awe 

I mean, what do you want me to say?

"I'm a heterosexual that's gay?"

"I put make-up on every morning, 'cause this smile obviously made up?"

But no, I smile because I give what I want

I joke 'cause that's what life is,

With all the depression coming up, wanting me to see life ain't shit til I hit rock bottom.

Have emotions fall like autumn.

Overcast of depression setting in, chance of sadness seems maddenin'.

Can't past this but my past business seem tragic.

And I laugh at it, like a tragic comedy.

Where I'm the protagonist, accepting the damages, because I still live.

And I live, love life, live a loving life, let others live their lovely lives.

So for the love of me, I can't understand why someone is unaccepting of someone whose happy.

The End

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