understanding my celebrations and shame

i flinch as the Old Bridge Troll
scoffs callously. 

my love is not inconsequential. 
i might not have ever drawn up the courage to 
attend a pride parade if not for the Redhead Hurricane. 

god, she's wonderful. 
drank champagne with her when we heard the supreme court rulings 
(yes, yes, underage drinking, no, i dont support it)

and we danced and shouted and clutched each other's faces
yes, she's straight, but she's the best kind of ally. 

but to be honest, i suspect sometimes
that she wants something to fight for. 
i don't know how to process that. 

she hugs me like i'm something special,
and i nearly cry. 

if i'm ignored by my grandparents, 
cut off from my uncle, 
shamed by some of my family, 
then at least i've got her. 

i just hope that's enough. 

The End

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