let the rhyme speak for its self


why is it that a kid in school

is called a tool for acting like a fool

i mean people say he's acting like an ass 

but give him an interesting task 

and he works faster than the blade of an axe

why when you find a kid been liftin from a shop

you presume he's living in a hovel not at the top

think he's escorted home from a cop

but give his hair a quick lop

and you see another man...

its not his fault it's societies 

because whether suits and t's and hoodies

one man should not, can not be blamed for his attire 

cus I'm sure if your house were to be on fire

he would save you in a blink of an eye

so why oh why do you treat him like a thug only when your not about to die

live everyday like it was your last

especially to the people around you 



The End

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